50 Fun Math Questions With Solutions

There are very hard math problems. Then we have those that are unsolvable. And we have math questions that are fun. This doesn’t mean they are very easy to solve but they are very interesting and appealing. Below you have 50 of them and each one is special. We will start with the simplest ones and increase the difficulty as we move along. Try to solve all of them. Answers are included for each question but don’t look at them before you try to solve them by yourself.

  1. What number only goes up and never down? (Your age)
  2. 4 apples are on the table. You will take 3. How many apples do you have? (You have 3 apples)
  3. How many months have 28 days? (All of them have 28 days but most have more)
  4. You have a certain number. You multiply it with any other the answer will always stay the same. What is the number? (It is 0)
  5. A dozen eggs will cost you $0.12. How many eggs a person can purchase with $1? (You can get 100 eggs due to the fact one egg is a penny)
  6. 6 people were able to build a house in 9 hours. How many hours will 12 people need to build the same house? This is one of the tricky math questions with answers so pay close attention to the details before you try to answer it. (None. The house is already built)
  7. How many sides we can see in a circle? (Inside and outside hence 2 sides)
  8. Mary bought a rooster and she wants him to lay eggs every single day. She hopes to get 3 eggs per day for breakfast. How many eggs she will have after 43 days? (0. Roosters don’t lay eggs).
  9. John must paint apartment numbers on special metal plates. There are 100 apartments to complete and he will pain all numbers between 1 and 100. How many timers he will paint on plates number 8? (20 times)
  10. What are 5 and 4 if two are a company and three is a crowd? (5 and 4 are 9)
  11. A farmer has 10 chickens. All by 5 leave the farm. How many does he have now? (5)
  12. What is heavier? One pound of air or one pound of metal? (The weight is the same)
  13. What a math book will say to another math book? (I must tell you my problems)
  14. What will a triangle say to a circle when they meet? (You are completely pointless)
  15. How many times you can subtract 5 from 25? (1 time. Once you subtract it you get 20 and not 25)
  16. A train of 300 feet travels at a speed of 300 feet per minute. The tunnel is 300 feet long. How long the train will need to travel through the tunnel? (2 minutes)
  17. We have X which is an odd number. Remove one letter from that number and you will get an even number. What is the number? (7 because Seven-s= Even)
  18. Two daughters, one grandmother, and two mothers purchased tickets to watch a football game. How many tickets did they purchase? (3 tickets. 2 daughters are mothers and the grandmother is mother as well.)
  19. You have a number with 3 digits. The second one is 4 times higher than the last one. The first digit is 3 lower than the second. Calculate the number. (141)
  20. One person is two times older than his sister and half the age of the father. In 50 years the sister will become half of the dad’s age. How many years that man has now? (50 years)
  21. Add 5 to 9 and you will get 2. This is accurate. How? (Add 5 hours to 9 am and you will get 2 pm)
  22. You have 3 positive numbers. You can now multiply these numbers or add them and you will always get the same result. What are these numbers? (1, 2, and 3)
  23. A while back Tom was 8 years old. His sister was half the age. Now, Tom has 14 years. How many years has his sister has? (10 years)
  24. You have three digit number. The tens digit is 6 more than the one digit you can see. A hundred digits is actually 8 less than the tens digit. What is that number? (193)
  25. Pedro has to put fish in tanks. If he puts one in one tank he will have one fish more. However, if he puts two fish in one tank he will have one tank free. How many fish does he have? (1)
  26. 7 people meet. Each one will shake the hands of other people. How many handshakes you can calculate there? (21)
  27. Place 3 matches on any table you want. Add 2 to make 8. Can you do it? (Yes if you make Roman numeral 5 using the matches and then add 2 to make Roman Numeral 8)
  28. Remove 2 from 5 and you will get 4. How is that possible? (Remove E and F from FIVE and you will have IV which is Roman number 4)
  29. In one store socks will cost you $25, T-shirt $15, pants $30, and vest only $20. How much one pair of underwear will cost you right now? ($45 because each letter that you need to spell the item adds $5)
  30. Use only number 8 to get 1000. How you will do it? (888+88+8+8+8 and you get 1000)
  31. Raul was 6 years old and his brother half the age. Now Raul is 40 years of age. Calculate the age of his brother. (37 years)
  32. Add just one thing between numbers 7 and 8 so the value is bigger than the first and smaller than the second. (Add a decimal to get 7.8)
  33. Calculate how many times the long hand of that clock will pass the short hand. This must happen between midnight of the one day and midnight of the second day. When both hands are at the same position at midnight, this doesn’t count. Circle the right answer.





The accurate number here is C, 21 times.

  1. Multiply all the numbers you can see on the telephone keypad. Which number you will get?





The accurate answer is 0. All numbers when multiplied with 0 are 0.

  1. You must go to the doctor. Then he will give you 3 pills. Take one every half an hour. How long you will need to take all three? (You will need 1 hour. You don’t have to wait 30 minutes for the first pill)
  2. Where a person can add 2 to 11 and get 1 but do this accurately? (On the clock)
  3. Here we have one of the math questions that is more than just fun. I am 24. Two times I am 20. Three times is inappropriate. What am I? (I am letter X)
  4. In one lake we can see a small patch of flowers. They will double in size every single day and within 48 days they will cover the lake. How many days the flowers would need to cover 50% of the lake? (47 days)
  5. One banana is 60 cents and one apple is 40 cents. Grapefruit is 80 cents. Calculate the cost of one pear. (40 cents)
  6. Jacob is 54 years of age while his mother is 80. Calculate when the mother was 3 times the age of her son. (Before 41 years)
  7. You will write all the numbers between 300 and 400 on a single piece of paper. Calculate how many times you wrote number 3. (120 times)
  8. The day before yesterday you were 21 years old. The next year you will have 24 years. When you were born? (On 31st December)
  9. How many bricks you will need to complete one house? (One brick, the last one)
  10. Divide number 20 by half and then you will have to add 30. What you will get in the end? (70)
  11. How many days do you have in4 years? (You have 1461. 365×4 and then add 1 day for a leap year)
  12. We have 12 kids in one school. 4 of them are wearing shoes while 6 are wearing socks. Only 3 of them are wearing both. How many bare feet are there? (5 kids have bare feet)
  13. Mark will pay $1.10 for one ball and a bat. The bat will cost $1 more than the actual ball he will get. Calculate the cost of the ball. (5 cents)
  14. One is to 3 as the same as 3 is to 5 and 5 to 4 and also 4 to the X number. What number is X? (4 is a magical number)
  15. You have 8 bricks. 7 of the bricks have the same weight and one is a bit heavier. How you can find the heavier brick using only a balance scale? (Divide them into groups 3, 3, and 2. Compare the first two of 3 bricks. If one is heavier the heavier brick is there. If not the brick is in the last group.)
  16. Two friends have been walking between 12 pm to 6 pm to a specific spot and back. The speed was 5 mph but 3 mph uphill and impressive 6 mph when they w were going downhill. Calculate the distance they covered and when they reached the top of the hill. (4 miles distance and at the top will reach at half past 3)

The Final Word

All of these math questions are fun and they will keep you busy for days. But they are also educational so you can learn a few useful things. One way or another, you will enjoy these and once you know the answer, this is not a hard task. Just make sure to try and get the answer we will provide.

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