50 Math Word Problems To Challenge College Students

Math Word Problems

Do you like math? If the answer is yes, then you like and have to solve math problems right now. Below we have 50 of them that will be appealing for every single student. There is no need to add that these problems are interesting but also complicated. Some are more complicated than others. Take your time and try to solve as many of them as possible. You will probably have a great time. You love math after all.

  1. Bruce sold 2 times more apples in the afternoon than he sold in the early morning. In total, he sold 360 kg of apples for the whole day. How many kilograms did he sell in the afternoon and how many in the morning?
  2. Melinda needs 170 kg of blended coffee beans. She is selling 1 kg for $4.71. She will mix better beans of $6 per kg and low-quality beans that is $3.25 per kg. Calculate the amount of high-quality and low-quality coffee beans she will need. 
  3. John, Marc, and Gabby are picking pears. John has 2 times more than Marc. Gabby has 2 kg more than Marc. All of them have 26 kilograms in total. Calculate how many kilograms each one of three has in a basket. 
  4. A person needs 28 ounces of special 9% acid solution. He can mix 14% solution and 7% solution to get the precise mixture. Calculate how much he should mix to get the desired liquid. 
  5. Mila completed 2/3 of her book. In general, she completed 90 pages more than there are to the end of the book. Calculate the total page count of that book.
  6. Gaby and Steven will meet today. They will meet at a coffee house that is precisely in the middle of both apartments where these two people live. Gaby needed 2.5 hours to reach the coffee house. Steven needed 2 hours but he was driving 15 km/h faster than Gaby. The distance of these 2 apartments is 300 km. Find how fast Steven and Gaby were driving. 
  7. If you want to solve math problems with a bit of effort, this problem is ideal for you. 6 tractors can plow one field in 4 days. Each tractor will plow 120 hectares per day. 4 tractors can plow the same field in a bit more, in 5 days. In the latter case scenario, how many hectares will one tractor complete per day?
  8. The width of a rectangle is 5 cm longer than the height. The diagonal measurement is precisely 32 cm. How high is the rectangle? 
  9. Jessica chooses a number. She will multiply that very number by 2 and then subtract 138 from the total. The result is 102. Calculate the number she chose. 
  10. In one school there are 5 times more males than 3 times the total number of ladies. The total number of students is 73. How many males and how many females are there? 
  11. I chose a number X. I will divide it by 5 and then subtract 154 from the total value. The result is 6. Calculate the number X.
  12. Kate will invest her money in two banks. The first one will pay 3% of interest per year while the second one will pay 11%. She will deposit 2 times more money into the bank with 3% interest (the risk is much lower). Per year she will earn $3434. How much money did she invest in each bank? 
  13. Two cities have a distance of 380 km. A car and a motorcycle start at the same time each one from the opposing city. The encounter is after 4 hours. Keep in mind that the motorcycle travels 5 km/h faster than the car. Calculate their speeds.
  14. The sum of numbers X and 3 is then subtracted from the number 10. You get 5. Calculate X. 
  15. Side A of the rectangle is 3 cm shorter than side B. We will increase the rectangle so both sides are longer by 1 cm. The total area will be increased as well, by 18 cm2. Find how long sides A and B are.
  16. You get 70 when you calculate 5 times the sum of numbers 12 and X. What is X number? 
  17. In the first year, 2 cows produced precisely 8100 liters of milk. The next year one cow produced 15% more and the second 10% more. Now the total amount of milk is 9100 liters (for a whole year). Calculate how much milk each cow produced in the first and second years. 
  18. The distance between the dots is 148 km. A train will left point A and travel at 80 km/h towards point B. Another train will do the opposite at the speed of 36km/h. The two trains will meet at point C precisely at noon. The first train stopped at station E for 10 minutes while the second stopped at station D for 5 minutes. Calculate all of the following in order to try and solve math problems we have here – 1) Distance between stations B and  C 2)The precise time when the second train left the station 3)When the first train will reach station B 4)When the second train will reach station A
  19. Nicole rides a motorcycle from city A to city B. She has been riding for 2 hours and covered 80 km. She now knows that if she maintains the speed she will be 15 minutes too late. She increases the speed by 10 km/h. Now she will arrive to city B 36 minutes before the deadline. Find how distant cities are.
  20. You have a lawn with 8×4 meters in size. The flowerbed surrounds the lawn in uniform width. The flowerbed and the laws have an area of 165 square meters. Calculate the width of the flowerbed. 
  21. A small company makes 25 units of a product per day. The company made this count for 3 consecutive days. They must do this in order to meet the order requirement. After 3 days they increased the production by 5 units more. On the last day, they have 100 units more than they need. Calculate the total number of produced units and how many days they operated. 
  22. Jason bought a new car back in 2015. The value then was $36.000. Two years later the value of the same car was $25.000. The value of a car goes down linearly due to depreciation. Calculate the value of the car in 2022. 
  23. 24 boys and girls will plant roses and birches in one day. Each girl will plant 3 roses while 3 boys will plant 1 birch. In the end, they planted 24 plants in total. How many roses and how many birches were planted that day?
  24. A farmer must plow 120 hectares per day in order to complete on time. His tractor had malfunctioned hence he plowed only 85 hectares per day. Now he must plow 2 days more and he will still have 40 hectares left. Calculate the size of that field and how many days he initially planned to work. 
  25. Chloe will buy 2 fields for $120.000 total. When she sells the first field she will make a 15% profit. When she sells the second she will lose 10%. The total profit was $5500. Calculate the price of each field. 
  26. An employee will make X number of units in 24 days. He can increase the number of units he makes by 5 per day. Now, he will finish in 22 days and he will also have 80 units extra. How many units he normally makes in a single day and how many he will make in 24 days? 
  27. A driver will complete 50% of his driving in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Once he increases the speed by 2 km/h he will cover the second half in less time. In 2 hours and 20 minutes. Calculate the starting speed of the driver and the distance between the two cities. 
  28. A plane will need the same amount of time to cover 2030 km while the car completes 290 km. The plane travels 348 km faster than the car. Calculate the speed of the car. 
  29. A bus will cover 50% of the distance between two stations while traveling at 48 km/h. He will stop for 15 minutes then. Now the driver will increase the speed by 5/3 m/second and the bus will arrive at the second station on time. Calculate the total distance between two points and also the speed the bus is driving after the stop. 
  30. You have two solutions. One is 40% alcohol and the second is 70%. How many liters of first and second solution do you need to mix in order to get 10.5 liters of solution with 60% alcohol? 
  31. Steve can complete one job in 15 days. His brother, Jacob can complete 75% of that job in 15 days. Jacob worked a couple of days all by himself and then Steve came to help. They completed the whole job in 6 days. How many days did Steve work and how many days Jacob work? Calculate the percentage of how much each one completed. 
  32. Two cities are 300 km apart. Train A starts in one city and train B starts from the second city at the same time and travels to meet. One travels 10 km/h faster than the other. After 2 hours the distance between the two trains is 40 km. Find the speed of train A and train B. 
  33. I need 80 liters acid solution of 30%. You have 20% and also 60% solutions at the moment. How many liters of these solutions do you need to mix in order to match the solution I need? 
  34. I will invest my money in 2 banks. The total amount is $8.000. One bank brings me 5% interest while the other brings me 13% interest. I will earn in one year $730. How much money did I invest in each bank? 
  35. One company makes machines for hospitals. Each machine costs the company to produce it depending on the number of produced machines. The cost of a machine is represented by the following function: (𝑥) = 0.4𝑥2 − 224𝑥 + 46,529. Calculate the lowest cost per machine. Make sure not to round the value you get.
  36. One rowing team will row 90 km in the current. Against the current, the same team will row 10 km. 4km/h is the rate of the current. Calculate the speed of the rowing team when rowing in still water.
  37. Sara and Melinda want to paint the room. Sara will need 10 hours while Melinda will need 5 hours for the same room. How much time do they need if they paint the room together?
  38. If you throw the ball up in the air. The h (height) after t (seconds) is given by h(𝑡) = 88𝑡 − 16𝑡2 function. How much time the does ball need to reach the maximum height?
  39. A leg of a triangle is √5 cm. The hypotenuse is 7 cm long. Calculate the length of the second leg of the triangle.
  40. A senior person wants to have $36.000 per year in pension. That person has $840.000 to invest into bank accounts with interest. One will give a 5% yield and the second 3% yield per year. How much money that person should invest in order to achieve the pension goal? 
  41. A rectangle has a perimeter of 100 meters. The width of that rectangle is 25% of its length. You need to find the dimensions of the rectangle. 
  42. One club will rent a bus to take people on a trip. The bus costs $780. 5 people refuse to go and this increases the cost of the bust by $1 per passenger. How many people are supposed to go on that trip initially?
  43. Ivan will buy a computer. The cost is $8.190. However, he will pay $8.45,20 when he pays it with taxes. Calculate the tax rate.
  44. Irene has $30 to spend on her lunch. She has to leave a 15% tip once done. How much money she can actually afford for lunch?
  45. Patrick will borrow $20.000 from 2 separate banks. The first bank will charge 6% interest while the second one will charge 7.5% interest. After 2 years the total interest was $2460. Calculate how much money he borrowed from each bank.
  46. One picture (without borders) has a length that is 8 cm shorter than twice its width. The border is 1 inch. The area is 66 square centimeters. What are the dimensions?
  47. David is 9 years older than his brother Felix. 3 years ago, Felix had ¾ of David’s age at the time. How many years do they both have today?
  48. Two cars are 520 km apart. They both travel to the same place but the speeds are 4 km/h different. They will meet in 5 hours. Calculate the speed of both cars. 
  49. Jake is selling lemonade. He does this 3 days a week. He invested $30. He sells one cup of lemonade for 25 cents. One cup of lemonade costs him 9 cents. How many cups of lemonade must sell in order to break even?
  50. Pedro, Antonia, and Chris are going to a football game. They buy 9 sodas, obviously 3 tickets and 3 hotdogs, and pay $177. One soda and one hot dog cost $13 but the soda is $3 more expensive than one hot dog. Calculate the cost of each item separately.

The Final Word 

These are great math problems to practice on and try and solve. All of them are appealing but not simple. Take your time and try to solve math problems or at least as many as you can. Be free to use help but only use it as the last resort. Try to do this by yourself without any help.

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